IT Asset Management

COMEA purchases surplus IT equipment and provides an environmentally sound and secure solution for electronic waste while complying with the WEEE directive.

COMEA offers a full suite of asset management services with a focus on dedicated customer service and competitive pricing. COMEA provides capital in return for decommissioned IT hardware while certifying proper recycling of any material that cannot be reused.

COMEA is a IT liquidator specialising IBM, EMC, Hitachi, Netapp, EMC, HP, SUN and Cisco products. Hard drive disposal, and data destruction projects of all scopes. We have maintained a strong national client portfolio by delivering superior IT asset disposition, computer recycling, and hard drive shredding services. Our business model is focused on purchasing IT equipment and office electronics from companies that are upgrading infrastructure or undertaking virtualisation projects or simply choosing our hosting solutions. Often we are a part of their new solution, and disposing of the aged equipment is merely a part of the project.

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